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Malta is a jewel in the Mediterranean, with great food, sunny weather, unparalled hospitality and a rich history and culture. An astonishing beach is never more than 15 minutes away. Language is not a problem either, as most of the population speaks fluent English and Italian.

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Whether you feel like working from home or from the office,we offer you the flexibility. That said, remote working is ingrained in our DNA and all processes are created to empower it.

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We Are A Technology Startup Founded By Veterans In The Industry. We Create And Deliver Software That Enable Unique Digital Experience.

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We are a technology startup founded by veterans in the industry. We create and deliver software that enable unique digital experiences.



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Software Development Jobs in Malta

If you are looking for a software development job in Malta that brings you professional growth and learning opportunities, our product development team is the right fit for you. We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies and ways of implementing them in the best way. Not all software development jobs in Malta are the same, and at Right Stakes you will certainly be in a team with outstanding individuals, agile processes and a lean culture that will allow you to move fast. We are present in great locations. A software development job in Malta at Right Stakes means you are in for a great experience.

Looking for a new challenge?

If you are like us, you are driven by solving interesting problems and achieving great results. At Right Stakes, we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better and we believe in incremental improvement. Our software development jobs in Malta will all demand great problem-solving skills. From designing the ideal data architecture to high-performant messaging systems, or even create a great experience on the frontend, we got you covered! Check out our software development jobs in Malta, there is certainly a great challenge waiting for you.

Be constantly learning

One of our goals is to be an ever-learning organization. To fulfill that goal, we believe our people need to be constantly learning too. All software development jobs in Malta have access to our leaning platforms, that offer thousands of premium courses in many different areas. Developers have unlimited access to training. And besides learning the best practices, we are constantly using data to learn new ways of doing things better. We believe that our culture of experimentation and constant optimization drives us to better results.